Compact Collector BN with Integrated Tank

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Compact solar hot water system, with water in the collector itself.

* Water is stored and heated directly in the solar collector. There are no transfer losses between the media.

* No circulation is required to heat the water. Patented operating system.

* Easy installation.

* Warranty: 3 years. Useful life: 10 years.

* Conforms to UNE-EN12976: Solar thermal systems and their components. With MITECO homologation certificate to qualify for aid under the Next Generation EU recovery plan.

Principle of operation: hot water is generated in a few minutes because the process is fast, which means that the water is always fresh and clean. With little sunlight, it is effectively used to convert sunlight into heat to heat water.

Several plates can be connected:

Two installation modes:


Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 214 × 89 × 21 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum working pressure: 4 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 85ºC
  • Insulation: high-density polyurethane foam
  • Connections: 2 x ¾” male thread in stainless steel 304

Parts of the solar panel:

1- Tempered solar safety glass

2- Clear thermal insulation

3- Storage tank

4- Box

5- Drain hole

6- Exit orifice

7- Reserve orifice

8- Inlet hole

Capacity Net tank quantity Total collector area Dimensions Weight Users
150 L 140 L 1,63m2 2140 x 890 x 212 mm 60 kg 1 – 3 persons

*For 4-6 users it is recommended to install 2 boards.

Latitude Demand 110 l/day Demand 140 l/day Demand 170 l/day
Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%) Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%) Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%)
46,8º 6646 3801 57,2 8459 4231 50,0 10256 4310 42,0
38,0º 4565 3226 70,7 5810 3942 67,8 7042 4361 61,9
*System performance indicators on an annual basis for a demand volume at 45ºC. Orientation: South. Angle of inclination: 45º. Ambient temperature: 15ºC.
Qd: heat energy demand
Ql: heat supplied by the system
fsol: solar fraction = Ql/Qd


IMPORTANT: Recommended use temperature >0ºC.

It includes all the elements for the correct assembly. Short amortization period.

It is recommended to use filtered water to avoid corrosion. It is recommended to clean the collector surface 1 or 2 times a year to improve efficiency.

Accessories included:

For flat roof:

Optional accessories:

Download Installation Manual

To download the product installation manual in .pdf click here.

Download Product Sheet

To download the product sheet in .pdf click here.


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