Pressurized Tank Tube Thermosyphon TR

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Patented overheating protection system using core technology (max. 85°C, even without power consumption). With polished mirror collector, which facilitates 360º sunlight capture.

* With higher performance compared to conventional equipment.

* Better efficiency and peace of mind:

    • Summer: prevention of overheating
    • Winter: higher sunlight absorption

* The tank is completely made of stainless steel.

* Warranty: 3 years. Useful life: 15 – 20 years.

* Conforms to UNE-EN12976: Solar thermal systems and their components. With MITECO homologation certificate.

Max. 85ºC, even without consumption
Absorbs 40% more than conventional equipment
HEAT PIPE technology – keeps on working, even if a tube is damaged
Hail resistant UP TO 25 Ø MM
Wind resistant UP TO 25 M/S
Freeze resistant UP TO -35 ºc
Heat preservation UP TO 72 HOURS

Operating principle: direct working under high pressure. Superconducted heat pipes (no water inside), the solar system can operate normally when any pipe breaks. The vacuum tubes inserted in the tank will transmit the heat to the accumulator, therefore the whole water temperature will gradually increase.

Two installation modes:

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Technical Specifications

– 316L stainless steel pressurized inner tank

– Safety valve P/T: 6 bar/99º.

– Working pressure: 6 bar

– Daily hot water temperature: 45ºC – 90ºC

– Initial overheating limit: 85ºC – 95ºC (even without water consumption)

– Maximum overheating limit: 95ºC – 105ºC

– Tank material: PVDF

– Heat preservation: 72 hours

– Insulation: polyurethane foam

– Frame material: thick galvanized steel

Structural measurements:

Length (B): 1987 mm
Height (D): 1200 mm

– Emission ratio: ≤0.08

– Transition temperature: 25ºC

– Stagnation temperature of the empty tube: 230ºC

– Glass material: borosilicate glass 3.3

– Heat pipe: TU1

– Lifetime: 15 years

Dimensions of tubes: ∅58 x 1800 mm
Distance between tubes: 110 mm
No. of vacuum tubes Net tank quantity (L) Capacity (Liters/day/60ºC) Users Effective collector area (m2) Structural dimensions – Width (W) (mm) Tank weight (kg) Pipe weight (kg) Total weight (kg)
8 97 L 100 L 1 – 2 persons 1.42 1080 59 22 81
10 115 L 120 L 1 – 3 persons 1.80 1300 66 25 91
12 144 L 150 L 2 – 3 persons 2.18 1520 73 28 101
15 180 L 200 L 3 – 4 persons 2.75 1850 89 37 126
20 239 L 300 L 4 – 6 persons 3.70 2430 115 50 165
Latitude Demand 110 l/day Demand 170 l/day Demand 250 l/day
Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%) Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%) Qd (MJ) Ql (MJ) fsol (%)
46,8º 6654 5330 80 10281 7253 70,3 15137 8546 56,4
38,0º 4573 4163 91,3 7064 5992 84,6 10407 7726 74,3

*System performance indicators on an annual basis for a demand volume at 45ºC. Orientation: South. Angle of inclination: 45º. Ambient temperature: 15ºC.

Qd: heat energy demand

Ql: heat supplied by the system

fsol: solar fraction = Ql/Qd


It includes all the elements for the correct assembly. Quick assembly.

Connection at the rear of the tank, safer for sloped roof installation thanks to the special heating element box.

It is recommended to clean the surface of the tubes 1 or 2 times a year to improve efficiency.

Accessories included:

Optional accessories:

Download Installation Manual

To download the product installation manual in .pdf click here.

Download Product Sheet

To download the product sheet in .pdf click here.


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