Hybrid Solar Panel HB

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Solar panel that provides electricity (191.36 W/m2) and hot water (341.36 W/m2). With 60 high-power cells. PVT-1: first generation hybrid solar panel.

*Warranty: 5 years. Useful life: 15 years.

* Conforms to standards:

IEC/EN 61215: Photovoltaic (PV) modules for terrestrial use. Design qualification and homologation.

IEC/EN 61730: Safety qualification of photovoltaic (PV) modules.

UNE-EN12975: Solar thermal systems and their components.

UNE-EN12976: Solar thermal systems and their components.

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* The Hybrid Solar Panel, a hybrid technology that combines a mono-crystalline photovoltaic module and a high efficiency solar thermal collector.

* Simple, low-cost and low-maintenance energy solution, capable of facilitating the 0 Carbon strategy.

* The cooling produced by the water circuit improves photovoltaic performance, improving its efficiency by up to 17% compared to a traditional photovoltaic panel.

Different applications of a Hybrid Solar Panel:

– Domestic and/or commercial hot water

– Heat pump and/or heating

– Swimming pools and/or Jacuzzis

Hybrid Solar Panel

Higher output efficiency at lower temperatures than equivalent mono-crystalline PV systems.

Space saving, since only this plate is required to produce heat and electricity.

Hybrid Solar Panel

At the junction of the photovoltaic laminate and the thermal collector, a rear cover is incorporated whose function is to conserve heat, thus preventing it from being lost through the back of the panel. This means that the photovoltaic laminate is not as hot, thus enhancing the electrical part of the panel, a great advantage of a Hybrid Solar Panel.

Weight 18,5 kg
Dimensions 164 × 99 × 3 cm

Technical Specifications

– Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
– Maximum system voltage: DC1000V
– Maximum series fuse: 15A
– Application class: Class A
– Useful life: 15 years
– Connections: 2×1/2″ M in stainless steel 304
– Volumetric flow rate: 0.078 l/s
– Hot water (with a temperature increase of 35ºC): 60L – 80L / D

Plate components (exterior to interior):

  1. Tempered glass
  2. Mono-crystalline photovoltaic module
  3. EVA
  4. Heat conduction alloy plate
  5. 304 stainless steel heat exchanger pipe
  6. High temperature insulation layer
  7. Isolation
  8. Aluminum frame
Maximum electrical power Maximum thermal power Cell type Weight Dimensions Current at Pmax (Imp) Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) Short-circuit current (Isc) Open circuit voltage (Voc)
310 W (0/+3%) 553 W Mono-crystalline 22.5 kg 1640 x 992 x 35 mm 9,36 A 33,1 V 10,02 A 40,5 V

Performance Studies

In a photovoltaic cell, 10% of the solar irradiation is reflected and cannot be used.

The remaining 17% of the 90% of the irradiation is absorbed by the photovoltaic cell and can be converted into electricity.

73% is converted into thermal energy.

In a photovoltaic module, the thermal output is not used. It increases the cell temperature, thus having a negative effect on the electrical efficiency of the PV module.

In standard silicon PV cells, an increase in cell temperature results in a reduction in open circuit voltage and a less pronounced increase in short circuit current.

This results in reduced electrical efficiency at the point of maximum power.

The hybrid solar panel solves the weakness of conventional photovoltaic module, extracts heat and increases the electrical efficiency of photovoltaic cells, produces solar electricity and hot water together.

The temperature difference between the hybrid solar panel and the photovoltaic modules reaches a maximum of 22ºC.

At that point, the hybrid solar panel achieves 17% more electrical energy production per m2 than the standard photovoltaic system.

Integrated throughout the entire day, the difference between the electrical yields of this and the conventional module amounts to 8.2%.

Performance analysis with 100 hybrid plates:

  • 12 Tn/day of domestic hot water.
  • Capacity: 27.5 KW/hour.
  • Annual electricity generation: 32400 KWh (according to the effective annual sunlight in the area where the project was carried out).
  • Annual heat generation: 90700 KWh.
  • Amortization: the full initial investment is recovered in approximately 3 years.


The maximum recommended number of modules in line to guarantee the correct filling of the panels during start-up is 6 in vertical or horizontal position.

Optional accessories:

Download Installation Manual

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