20 Vacuum Tube Collector

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* Warranty: 3 years.

* Conforms to UNE-EN12975: Solar thermal systems and their components. With MITECO homologation certificate.

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It is a system composed of solar tube plate(s), a water storage tank, a recirculation unit, a controller and its respective installation parts.
The design of the solar panel allows its installation on both flat and pitched roofs. In addition, the tank can also be placed anywhere in the building.

Principle of work:
– When the solar panel temperature reaches the set value, the controller will start the circulation pump automatically.
– The circulation pump automatically circulates the heat conducting liquid (glycol/water or antifreeze liquid).
– The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to the water through the heat exchanger in the water tank.
– In case the temperature of the solar panel does not reach the set value, the circulation pump will automatically switch off.
– In case the water tank temperature does not reach the set maximum temperature, then the auxiliary heating device (electric heater or gas boiler) will be switched on.
– Anti-freeze function: considering that there is no water inside the tubes when it works, in case the temperature of the solar panel drops below the set value, the circulation pump will start automatically.
If glycol/water is used, the glycol should be changed periodically to avoid acidification. Antifreeze liquid is advisable in cold areas, as it has a higher boiling point.

Two installation modes:

Weight 73 kg

Technical Specifications

– Dimensions of tubes: ∅58 x 1800 mm

– Aluminum alloy housing.

– Working pressure: 6 bar.

– Maximum pressure tested: 12 bar.

– Maximum working temperature: 280ºC

– Daily hot water temperature: 45ºC – 90ºC

– Initial overheating limit: 85ºC – 95ºC

– Maximum overheating limit: 95ºC – 105ºC

– Tube material: borosilicate glass

– Heat pipe material: copper TU1

– Heat pipe length: 1790 mm

– Heat pipe diameter: condenser ∅14 mm; body ∅ 8 mm

– Insulation: tower wool with polyurethane foam

– Support: galvanized steel

– Sealed with silicone

– Connecting pipe: copper TP2 ∅ 35 mm

No. of vacuum tubes Capacity (liters/


Effective collector area (m2) Power output Med.

A (mm)


B (mm)


C (mm)

Med. D (mm)
20 170 – 200 2.60 1280 w 1670 2010 1605 130


It includes all the elements for the correct assembly. Quick assembly. Does not include antifreeze (glycol).

It is recommended to clean the surface of the tubes 1 or 2 times a year to improve efficiency.

Accessories included:

Optional accessories:

Download Installation Manual

To download the product installation manual in .pdf click here.

To download the installation manual in .pdf click here.


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